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Below are links to essays and online sources that either discuss broader issues related to conducting historical research in the PRC, or specifically introduce types of sources and how to find (and read or understand) them. At the moment they are listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent articles, but in the future they might be categorized differently as the list grows.

PRC History Review Special Issue "PRC History in the Era of COVID, Censorship, and Sino-US Confrontation"

Researching the History of the People’s Republic of China by Charles Kraus (April 2016)

Dealing with Re-classified Documents in China by Charles Kraus (September 2015)

Big-Character Posters (大字报) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

Diaries (日记) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

Household Registration (户口) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

Life Stories (自传) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

People's Court Status Reports (法院情况简报) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

Self-Criticism (检讨书) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

Social Intelligence (社情) by Michael Schoenhals (2014)

Accessing Primary Documents in China by Vivian Li (Dissertation Reviews, January 2014)

谈文革资料收藏 by Michael Schoenhals (记忆,第84期,2012年)

Les nouvelles sources chinoises sur l'histoire politique de la " première Chine populaire " (1949-1976) : bilan provisoire by Jean-Luc Domenach and Xiaohong Xiao-Planes (2011)

In Search of Old Chinese Films by Amanda Shuman (The China Beat, March 2011)

Finding & Using Grassroots Historical Sources from the Mao Era by Jeremy Brown (Dissertation Reviews, December 2010)

复旦的“文革”资料哪里去了? by Jin Dalu (《史林》第92期,2006年)

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